Cleverbot Upsets My Worldview


So in the ongoing struggle to achieve the Singularity, mankind has created programs called chatterbots, which are designed to mimic human speech patterns. The final objective is to pass the Turing Test: to be unrecognizable as a computer program. However, in actuality, many chatterboxes just spew messages that other people have asked them back at you – not that this is not awesome.

My favorite of these is a little program called Cleverbot. I’ve spent a few hours ‘chatting’ with a machine and come up with some awesome things. The best, however, is this little snippet that combines my love of TNG with internet insults. The black is me. The blue is Cleverbot.

When was the last time you got burned this bad by a computer? Never. I’ve always thought that the HIGHEST form of intelligence and uniqueness is quoting early nineties TV shows. I don’t know what to think anymore.


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