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You can take that title however you want to parse it. Ambiguity is the sign of the brilliant and humble writer. At 7 AM, it was apparent I had, somewhere along the line yesterday, caught the famous Tokyo cold (pronounced “kusokaze” here). It may have been when I picked the dirt out from underneath my […]

Okay, I’ma put this right out there. If you were expecting some sort of gift from Japan, there’s going to be a problem. I spent all the money. All thousand dollars I had saved for this trip. All of it. Gone. Uh, yeah. Somewhere between the Fire Emblem Awakening Original Concept Art Book and the Matched […]

Continuing my tradition of starting the day off right, I decided to try out the bidet on my toilet. If any of you haven’t had the pleasure, I imagine the best way to describe the sensation would be that it feels like hot, wet, anal rape. 2/10 stars, would not inflict upon enemies. I awoke […]

I started the day by checking out the TV in my room. The power symbol seems to be universal, and I thought I clicked “channel up” as well. Looking back now, I can clearly see the kanji for “paid” before “channel up”. It really was nice of them to let me preview the paid channels […]

Me, I’ve never really considered stealing anything. Then again, I’ve never really held the ORIGINAL STORYBOARDS FOR HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE in my hands. That is, until today. I promise you I had an escape route worked out in my head, and the odds that I could fight off the two guys working the gate were fairly […]

I’ll be in the Land of the Rising Sun for the next week and unreachable by normal contact methods. If you need to reach me, your best bets are my email at or on Skype (search for Kai Robert Andersen). I may make an effort to post some on this blog, but I’ll also […]