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Punch down, slob-out. He’d been rackin’ me dry five days since and a ton more then on. Whine whine whi-ne. He talk swe-e-ee-eet. Fuck. Fuck. Fu-ck. There ain’t two syllables to the word but you fill it with enough hate, and near ‘nough. Near enough been near enough now and years for years. Keep the […]

Response to DFW


Hmmm a few thoughts. Yes, I read all of it. Yes, I hated it. I want to make a clear distinction here. I understood the piece. I understood the objectives and the execution and I absolutely respect the heartfelt nature of the feelings behind the piece and the unique way in which it is presented. […]

You can take that title however you want to parse it. Ambiguity is the sign of the brilliant and humble writer. At 7 AM, it was apparent I had, somewhere along the line yesterday, caught the famous Tokyo cold (pronounced “kusokaze” here). It may have been when I picked the dirt out from underneath my […]

Okay, I’ma put this right out there. If you were expecting some sort of gift from Japan, there’s going to be a problem. I spent all the money. All thousand dollars I had saved for this trip. All of it. Gone. Uh, yeah. Somewhere between the Fire Emblem Awakening Original Concept Art Book and the Matched […]

Continuing my tradition of starting the day off right, I decided to try out the bidet on my toilet. If any of you haven’t had the pleasure, I imagine the best way to describe the sensation would be that it feels like hot, wet, anal rape. 2/10 stars, would not inflict upon enemies. I awoke […]

I started the day by checking out the TV in my room. The power symbol seems to be universal, and I thought I clicked “channel up” as well. Looking back now, I can clearly see the kanji for “paid” before “channel up”. It really was nice of them to let me preview the paid channels […]

Me, I’ve never really considered stealing anything. Then again, I’ve never really held the ORIGINAL STORYBOARDS FOR HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE in my hands. That is, until today. I promise you I had an escape route worked out in my head, and the odds that I could fight off the two guys working the gate were fairly […]